Students learn about Advanced Placement and Dual Enrollment classes


Photo by Amanda Kaplan

Dr. Hogan explains the new Academic Houses coming to SHS next year.

Amanda Kaplan

STARKVILLE, Miss., Thurs., February 20 — Starkville High School hosted an AP Night for students interested in taking Advanced Placement (AP) and Dual Enrollment (also known as Dual Credit (DC)) classes for the upcoming school year. All AP and DC teachers set up tables around the gym for students and their parents to learn about the many course opportunities available  

Principal, Sean McDonnall, spoke to all parents and students interested in AP or DC classes next year. “AP and Dual Enrollment courses get students ready for college. They give them the experience of a college class,” McDonnall said. 

McDonnall explained to parents and students the changes that are happening at Starkville High School next year. He talked about the academic houses being implemented into the school system in the upcoming year and the importance of AP and DC classes. 

McDonnall said, “AP will prepare [students] more for college because it’s more rigorous, its more writing, its more reading, but the Dual Enrollment [classes are]college course[s], so the more you can take while youre still in high school, the better its [going to] be on the back end.” 

Most of the AP and DC teachers attended AP Night and taught the parents and students about the classes they teach. Nikki Buss has been teaching English Composition I and II for many years. 

Buss said, “I think it’s good to take Dual Enrollment because itgives [students] a steppingstone into what college life is going to be like. [Students are] still in a familiar environment [and their] teachers may work a little bit closer with [them]. [Also], it’s a pretty good financial deal.” 

Buss has been teaching a long time and has made an impact on every student she teaches. Buss said she enjoys teaching at Starkville High School. 

“I love the students that I teach, I love the discussions that we have [and] I love when they improve on their essays,” Buss said. 

McDonnall and Buss are very excited for the upcoming school year. McDonnall is proud of the new programs and AP and DC classes coming to Starkville High School next year.