Cell phones to be newest learning tools

Marycarr Eastman

Everyone knows about the ongoing debate of whether or not cellphones should be allowed in class, and if you don’t then, surely, you’ve been living under a rock. Students argue that cellphones help them keep up with their learning from the palm of their hands and teachers are no longer as opposed to this idea as one would originally think. 

Chris Bell, a junior at Starkville High School, believes that, when used correctly, the cellphones are very effective in assisting student learning. 

“Cellphones can be a valuable learning tool if used responsibly in the classroom.” Bell said. 

The debate about cellphone use is not only centered at Starkville High School. Schools all across the nation are facing the same questions. 

Starkville Academy junior, Anna Grace Moyen, admits that cellphones can be a distraction in class, but during down time she says they shouldn’t cause any problems. 

I do think that cellphones can be a major distraction in class. I know if I were to be able to have my phone, I would be on it all the time, but I think that if we aren’t doing anything in class, we should be able to have our phones.” Says Moyen. 

Avery Adkins, a second-year teacher at Starkville High School, agrees with Moyen, saying that if used correctly there should be no issue in allowing cellphones during lunch or break time. 

“I think that as long as we all prove that we can use them in the right ways, then I don’t see anything wrong with it, Adkins remarks. 

Now that so many schools are requiring majority of their learning options be done virtually, most teachers agree that phones have become especially helpful in the classroom. 

Adkins believes cellphones to be a necessary aid in many classrooms that lack proper resources. 

“Absolutely, I think they are extremely beneficial if they are used the right way in the class room. I think that we probably need to use them a little more because we don’t have as much access to iPads and Chromebooks as some other schools do. But, yeah, I think they are a fantastic source for learning, declares Adkins. 

With schools across the nation moving majority of their learning options online, cell phones should be allowed in class to be used as the learning tools that they are. Few would disagree. Those that would need to catch up with the fast-changing society of today.