A mystery thriller recommended

Marycarr Eastman

“Knives Out” is a thrilling mystery that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats. The man behind it all is director Rian Johnson. Johnson is also known for directing movies such as Star Wars Ep. VIII: The Last Jedi” and the visionary film “Looper.” “Knives Out” is one of seven films Johnson directed, grossing over $309 million worldwide in the box office compared to the $40 million dollar budget. This left the film with a net worth of roughly $82 million. Full of twists and turns, “Knives Out” will have viewers floored when the culprit is finally revealed. 

“Knives Out” is a classic “whodunit” crime mystery with modern twists and references. After a family reunion goes wrong, Marta Cabrera, registered nurse, tries to clear her name when she is suspected of committing the crime. The marvelous film keeps viewers on their toes until the very end. Even then viewers will be shocked to find out “whodunit.” 

The starstudded film has actors, like Chris Evans and Daniel Craig, drawing in viewers of all genres. Evans and Craig, both well known in the industry, have never worked together in the past, but provide excellent additions to the movie with their witty banter and smart remarks. Though lead actress Ana de Armas is still new to the industry, Imagen Foundation Awards nominated her for Best Actress alongside Craig who was nominated Best Actor in a Motion Picture, Comedy or Musical by the Satellite Awards. 

Aforementioned Rian Johnson not only directed “Knives Out” but also wrote the original screenplay. The 73rd British Academy Film Awards and the 92nd Academy Awards both nominated the film for Best Original Screenplay along with several other awards and nominations. The American Film Institute and the National Board of Review selected “Knives Out” as one of 2019’s top ten films. 

Cinematographer Steve Yedin creates suspense with his incorporation of dark and dreary days during the investigation compared to the cloudless sky after the culprit is apprehended. Yedin credited key grip Matt Mania with the crews ability to keep the reflection of the film cameras out of many of the actor’s eyeglasses. Mania created mattes that were designed to resemble objects one would expect to see reflected in someone’s glasses rather than a big and bulky camera. 

“Knives Out” is an outstanding film that revamped the dying scene of the murder mystery industry. By drawing inspiration from other classic mystery thrillers like “Murder on the Orient Express” and “Clue,” Johnson created a mindboggling mystery that leaves viewers questioning everything right until the bitter sweet end.