Harry Potter as a magical experience

Ben Harvey

It is not often that we see a book adapted for film in such a spectacular manner. Many things that could’ve gone wrong fell into place and only aided in making the movie and instant classic that does the original book justice.

This masterpiece of story takes a tired old story of the chosen one saving the day and puts an interesting spin on it. The setting of the story, mixed with J.K. Rowling’s fascinating characters help present Harry’s story in a truly phenomenal way.

The actors picked to represent the timeless characters could not have given their roles the justice that they so deserved any better. Daniel Radcliff is the star of the show with experience in BBC One’s television film “David Copperfield.” What Harry will encounter and whether or not he will be able to face it is a wholly interesting mystery for the majority of the movie.

Left on his aunt and uncle’s doorstep at a young age, Harry leads a seemingly normal (if a bit miserable) life. He attends a normal school, wears normal clothes, and remains completely shielded from the fantastic talents that he will soon have. Summoned to school by a blizzard of letters and a kindly giant friend, Harry has soon arrived at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry, along with his new friend, Ron Weasly, played by Rupert Grint.

Harry and Ron both end up in the much desired Griffindor house, joining many of Ron’s older brothers. The magical wonders and blunders of Ron and Harry are soon aided by another of Griffindor House, Hermione Granger, played by Emma Watson. After a year’s worth of magical mystery and wonderful discovery, the first year of Harry’s amazing adventures culminates in the climactic duel between the series’ ultimate villain, Lord Voldemort where he is seemingly defeated.

Every actor in this love letter to many childhoods performs their roles perfectly. Whether it is Robbie Coltrane delivering his lines to perfectly represent the kindly Hagrid that many of us already know and love, or Alan Rickman’s menacing dialogues that perfectly capture the nefarious nature of his character, Severus Snape, everything seems to just from the page of the book right onto the silver screen without missing a beat.

It is likely that the viewers know this story already, or have seen something similar, but we forget it instantly when presented with the astounding visuals from this film. The whimsical castle we are shown in the early scenes of the movie seems to have been there for all of time. The magnificent floating candles in the great hall create an atmosphere that’s hard to rival. This 2001 film sheds the limits of its time and creates the wondrous scenes that still hold of to modern day scrutiny.

Watching “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” is still a treat to this day. It perfectly presents the magical atmosphere that Rowling gave us so long ago. It takes the time to be good, without overdoing any one aspect. For every reason listed thus far and a million more hidden away in this story, “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” is not just a good movie, it is a perfect representation of the magical world we have all come to know and love.