A heart-wrenching film loved by all

Meg Rodgers

“The Notebook” is a heart-wrenching film loved by all. The scene is set as an elderly man (Noah) reads to an elderly woman (Allie) at a facility where Allie lives. Noah, Allie’s husband reads this story about their childhood and how they fell in love with each other to her every day. However, Allie Hamilton cannot remember any of the story because she suffers from dementia.

After Noah finishes reading their love story to Allie, she remembers exactly who he is and all their meaningful times together, yet they soon are forgotten again in an instance when Allie stops remembering everything or even what was going on in the room. The moments Noah got to spend dancing with Allie to a lovely song played on the piano melted Noah’s heart right before a turn of events occurs at the closing.

Songs played by the piano portray a sad and romantic tone within the scenes. “I’ll be Seeing You” and “Always and Always” are two meaningful songs added to the movie providing a feeling of being in the moment.

Teens and adults alike relate with the characters deeply; although, understanding the message behind leaving one partner for another takes an experience of falling in love or even an idea of true love to completely understand the character’s pain, excitement, and gratefulness for one another.

The film crew did an amazing job of directing this movie. The scenery, lighting and script were outstanding, adding a sense of the background and era from which this film was shot. The scene showing the rain pouring down on Noah and Allie was symbolic of the dam of emotions being broken between the two and was wonderfully executed by the cinematographers.

“The Notebook” is perfect for romantics who love suspense. Noah’s love for Allie can be seen throughout the entire film while Allie experiences challenges in life to learn who her ultimate love is. The ending is a shock to all first time viewers and would leave anyone sobbing.