Mulan as an influential woman

Katelyn Kaplan

The 2020 remake of the original animated film “Mulan” in 1998, brought the story to a realistic and incredible new point of view. The “Mulan” remake retold the original Disney princess story with a few changes to the storyline and new actors as the animated characters.

Based on the Chinese Folklore, “The Ballad of Mulan,” that tells the story of a young girl in China during the age when the Northern Wei dynasty was facing difficulties with foreign enemies, Hua Mulan’s father is asked to serve for the emperor to defeat the enemy group, led by Bori Khan and a witch named Xian Lang. To protect her father, who is clearly unable to fight, Mulan takes his place disguised as a boy, hoping to protect the empire and bring honor to her family.

Liu Yifei, the actress of Mulan, did an astounding job showing the fierceness and emotion of her character. She fulfilled the role of Mulan perfectly and made the story believable. Other main characters, Bori Khan (Jason Scott Lee) and Xian Lang (Gong Li) were also displayed well and showed the true characteristics of a villain with their menacing faces and sharp tones.

“Mulan” uses an original score by Harry Gregson-Williams. The soundtrack features influential music from the original animation.

Mandy Walker and David Coulson, heads of the cinematography and editing team, used lighting and camera angles to make those scenes easy to understand even though there may have been a lot happening during the scene. “Mulan” is an action movie with intense fighting scenes.

Live-action “Mulan” was an entertaining film to watch with a great storyline and great acting. It represented the original movies and created some new parts of the story to enhance entertainment. “Mulan” expressed an influential message for girls and women all around the world: Women can do anything that men can do.