An uplifting story of romance and hardships

Anna Potts

“Pride and Prejudice” is an entertaining and uplifting story of romance and hardship. It keeps the viewer involved until the end, though it takes their full attention to fully understand the plotline.

Taking place in nineteenth century England, “Pride and Prejudice” tells the story of young Elizabeth Bennet and her sisters as they try to find rich husbands to provide for them when their father dies. When Elizabeth’s sister, Jane, catches the attention of a rich man named Charles Bingley, Elizabeth finds herself conflicted about his friend, Mr. Darcy. In the beginning, Elizabeth believes Mr. Darcy to be cold man, but soon finds herself falling for him, which causes her distress and unease.

Filled with landscapes and lavish settings, “Pride and Prejudice” showcases bright lighting, a wide range of shots and lighthearted score to emphasize the drama and romance of the plotline. During the scenes of romance and passion, dark, mysterious lighting is added, and the camera position changes to circle around the two actors. During scenes such as this, the score swells in slow, passionate music. On the other hand, the ball scenes are rich in lively music, bright lighting, and breath taking scenery.

This film showcases the performances of Keira Knightly, Matthew Macfayden and Simon Woods. Woods’ take on Mr. Bingley is especially impressive, as he portrays the clumsiness and cluelessness of a man in love in an extreme way. Macfayden showcases Mr. Darcy’s obvious nerves towards Elizabeth through his body language and facial expressions and Knightly demonstrates Elizabeth’s wit and innocence with her dialogue.

Over all, “Pride and Prejudice” is a cinematic masterpiece of historical fiction that viewers of all ages will enjoy. Although, emotional maturity is necessary to understand the subtle nuances of the plot, the story moves slowly in a predictable manner. This beautiful film is full of love, heartache and mystery.