Students vote for homecoming maids and beaus


Sara Fraza

Students running for homecoming maids hang posters to get votes.

Amanda Kaplan

STARKVILLE, Miss., Wed., October 7 – Starkville High School students nominated homecoming maid and beau during the week of September 28. Students who were nominated had their names on the official ballot and campaigned the rest of the week leading up to voting on October 5. 

Students participated in nominations on September 22 through their school Canvas accounts, but that voting method was not successful because few students voted. On September 28, students voted on paper ballots which is different from past school years. Students voted in their second block classes, and virtual students cast their votes through the carpool lane during a specific time frame. 

Jada Harris is a first-time student on the homecoming court and is a representative of the sophomore class. “I’m very excited to be on court this year being it’s my first year running. I’m also a bit nervous but I think I’ll get over my nerves once I get on the field,” Harris said. 

This year, students could campaign by hanging up posters around the school, posting on social media, and passing out items to fellow students.  

“I didn’t hang posters or pass out anything, but I did post on all of my social media and told others to share.” Harris said. I think sharing on all of my social media really helped me because many people who I may not see every day were able to see my flyers.” 

Mary Margaret Balzli is also a first-time student on the homecoming court and is representing the senior class. She took a different approach to campaigning. 

I am so excited to be on the court, especially since it is my first year! I hung posters, I passed out candy and I posted pictures on social media and I thought this helped me a lot,” Balzli said. 

Students will vote for homecoming king and queen October 15 choosing from the list of senior maids and beaus. Homecoming maids, king and queen will be presented on the football field during halftime at the homecoming football game October 23.