Keep Halloween

Harper Ford

Halloween should not be cancelled due to Covid 19. People scientifically need connection and time with others.  Halloween is the perfect time to safely connect with others after the months of isolation.

Written in the publication, Scientific American, Gareth Cook said, “When we experience social pain- a snub a cruel world, the feeling is as real as physical pain. That finding is among those in a notebook, “Social” and it is part of scientist Matthew Liebermann’s case that our need to connect is as fundamental as food and water.” This scientific article shows how essential this fun, safe time with others is to us as humans.

Secondly, children need something to look forward to since the long summer quarantine. Anna Wyatt, a local 13-year-old in Starkville said, “yeah quarantine was super long and boring, Halloween is what I was looking forward too.” Another young Starkville pre-teen, Maddie Butler adds, “I hated being alone in the house I really wanted to spend Halloween with my friends.” Maddie and Anna Wyatt are best friends who have had little to no time with each other and state forced isolation is taking a negative toll on their friendships and mental health.

Lastly, people would be outside which also lowers risk for Covid, candy could also be prepackaged. As written in the “Official Mayo Clinic Website” by the mayo clinic staff they said, “When you’re outside fresh air is constantly moving, dispersing these droplets. So, you’re less likely to breathe in enough of the respiratory droplets containing the virus that causes Covid-19 to become infected.”

Cancelling this iconic holiday for little reason is completely ridiculous.  The state of Mississippi needs to step up and look at the feelings of their citizens. Halloween is low risk, gives children time to safely play, and gives everyone a much needed break from this Covid nightmare.