National Honor Society members volunteer for peer tutoring


Ellie Rupp

Amanda Kaplan tutors Neely Wells during after-school tutoring.

Ellie Rupp

STARKVILLE, Miss. – Members of the National Honor Society have been volunteering for after school tutoring for their peers. The program involves students who volunteer to help their classmates in subjects they may have problems with.

Amanda Kaplan is a senior at Starkville High School and an active member of The National Honor Society. “After school tutoring has helped my abilities to work with others,” Kaplan said.

Kaplan believes this community service is a positive experience for her. “I enjoy giving back to people and tutoring others. With this program that National Honor Society has started, everyone benefits.”

The National Honor Society has a 10-hour community service requirement per semester. The program helps members stay within the 10-hour requirement.

“Tutoring gives us community service hours that keep me in good standing in the National Honor Society,” Kaplan said.

Tate Honea is also doing her part. Honea is a senior who helps her classmates in algebra. “I really find joy in helping others, so tutoring has been a great outlet for that,” Honea said.

Honea wants to pass down techniques and learning styles her past teachers have taught her. “It helps expand my knowledge about math as well as my peers.”

The after-school program has helped members connect with their classmates. They have had the experience of meeting new students and getting to learn more about them.

“I work with students at SHS that I would not normally work within my classes,” Kaplan said. “After school tutoring has helped my abilities to work with others.”

The program has helped student become closer and help each other. It also taught members skills they can use in the future. After school tutoring takes place 3:15-4:15 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays at the SHS library.