Teacher Academy students learn new skills


Presley Basset

Sophomore Lana Adams colors a turkey with the crease of her elbow for the Turkey Puppet Activity.

Presley Basset

STARKVILLE, Miss. — In April Dill’s Teacher Academy classroom, the students met to discuss human growth and development for students in kindergarten. The students in class did two projects to learn how to go about these situations in a professional atmosphere. 

One of the projects they did was the turkey puppet activity. The students made turkey puppets by using their toes and the crease of their elbow to color the turkey, and they used their non-dominant hand to cut out the turkey and put it on a paper bag.  

This activity was used to show how kindergarten students with dyspraxia, a motor skill deficit, struggle with daytoday activities for kids their age.  

Raniya Outlaw is a student in Teacher Academy. She is a sophomore firstyear teacher academy participant. 

My favorite part of this activity was coloring with my elbow, because it’s challenging and it gives you an outlook on the students with the deficit, Outlaw said.  

The Dyspraxia Deficit has an effect on the students motor skills, and at times makes them very frustrated and impatient.  

“Teacher Academy teaches students about careers in education and exposes them to what teachers do,” Dill said. 

The Teacher Academy students also read the book “How to Catch a Turkey” by Adam Wallace.  

This project allowed the students to learn how to tell a story to the children they are teaching. The students took notes about the book to allow them to remember when they start reading to students later in the semester 

This lesson allowed them to be put in the same situation as the student, and taught them about reading comprehension and how to ask questions according to the book.  

Daniela Pinzo is a teacher academy student.  She is a junior first year teacher academy participant. 

Teacher Academy taught me motor skills, because it teaches you how to teach a kid with a disability, Pinzo said. 

These activities in Teacher Academy have taught students to teach Kindergarten aged students, but also students with disabilities. These projects allowed them to see how to work as a teacher, what they have to do and their responsibilities.