SHS Cheerleaders prepare for upcoming competition


Tenaya Nichols

SHS Cheerleaders work on stunts at cheer practice.

Tenaya Nichols

STARKVILLE, Miss. – Starkville High School Cheerleaders showed excitement as they prepare for the new upcoming Cheer Competition season, competing against their toughest competitors. They motivate each other to bring the win back home to the SHS Yellow Jacket Family. 

Senior Co-captain Victory Yarbrough is about to compete in her last high school cheer competition. 

“Well, I’m pretty excited this year, we’ve been working really hard with the corona going on. So, I’m kind excited about it. I’m ready to see what we can do!” Yarbrough said. 

Hannah Harris, the Coach of the SHS Yellow jacket cheerleaders, works hard as she leads the team into the new competition season. 

“We did so well last year, I’m just hoping that we can do better or as good as we did last year. I’m just living up to how good we did last year pretty much,” Harris said. 

Being judge by the judges at competitions, the team pushes through each competition with their heads up high.  

“I try to smile and look above the judges,” Yarbrough said. 

The environment at the cheer competitions you can see all the competitions from different schools before you compete against them. 

“It’s very exciting, you are always trying to look and see when your competition is coming through the door. You warm up with your competition, so that’s always a little nerve-racking but still very exciting,” Harris said. 

As the team faces their toughest competitors, Tupelo High school most of the southern Schools, they still maintain to keep a positive attitude to finish the competitions. 

“I would say Tupelo is always strongest competitors of ours because they have so many boys and we never know what they are going to bring,” Yarbrough said. 

With the Positive attitude the team brings the motivate each other before each competition. 

We always say a little prayer and then we always hype each other up to make sure everyone’s head in the game,” Yarbrough said. 

The cheerleaders have multiple categories that will be judged. They face different challenges in each category while they are good in some.  

In the game day competition, there is crowd effectiveness and sharpness. The squad practices year-round and loves stunting and tumbling. 

“They really improved with their tumbling and just cheering at the football games getting the crowd involved,” Harris said. 

The cheerleaders will compete in the MHSAA Varsity Co-ed Game Day competition December 12 in  Jackson, Mississippi.