Jackets win, parents brave the elements


Presley Bassett

Senior Mckee Mulrooney drives down the field.

Presley Bassett

Due to freezing temperatures, the visiting opponent, South Panola, experienced a bus malfunction resulting in a one-hour delayed start for Friday night’s boys’ soccer game at Yellow Jacket Stadium. The Jackets dominated the South Panola Tigers with a 4-0 win.  

The Jackets started the game with all their regular starters, but later substituted sophomore Ethan Pullium in the game. Almost immediately after entering the game, Pulliam scored a goal 

Directly following Pulliam’s goal sophomore Brayden Green left the game with a knee injury Following the injury, the Jackets came back and sophomore Soren VogesHaupt scored a second goal 

“The win against South Panola was a confidence booster for a big district game Friday that will determine our placement in the playoffs,” Green said. 

Leading into half the Jackets were up 2-0 as fans were on their feet cheering for the Jackets with their blankets, masks and head gear. 

Following the half, the Jackets were on fire. Senior Dominique Bush had a great second half scoring two goals. This allowed the Jackets to lead 4-0 

“Soccer has not been affected as much as other sports like football, but we still had multiple games cancelled and many players were not able to play,” said Max Buehler, a sophomore at Starkville High.  

 Sophomore Holloway Willsey doesn’t believe the team’s attitude towards COVID has affected their wins or losses directly, but said it has affected their morale.  

Besides that, we have been positive about the situation and are still striving to win state. The main ways that it has really affected us is through guidelines that we have had to follow when training and traveling, as well as what we do outside of soccer,” Willsey said.  

The team competes this coming Friday versus district opponent Germantown. If they win this game, they will head to playoffs with the hopes to win state.