Peanut butter donations fill food banks


Susan Ford

Sophomores Anna Potts, Sophie Butler, Harper Ford, and Katie Randall pose with the donations collected.

Harper Ford

STARKVILLE, Miss. Peanut butter is one of the most requested items for food banks including the seven food banks located around Starkville. Spread the Love’s goal is to send out as much peanut butter as possible until Valentine’s Day. 

According to, one in six Americans struggles with food insecurity and hunger. In Mississippi one in four children struggles with the same. That is the highest in the nation and that was pre-pandemic. Food insecurity is the lack of access to healthy foods to live a productive life.   If a child struggles with food insecurity, they are more likely to have anemia, asthma, anxiety and behavior problems  

Spread the Love is here to aid with getting this proteinrich super food to children and families who need it. During the summer, volunteers with the JL King Community outreach center met to pack food boxes for the people of Starkville. This inspired the successful fund raiser for the JL King center which was Cart Wash at the County Club. It raised over $400 to get healthy kids snacks back to the JL King Center. The bounty does not usually last long, so that is why it’s important to keep going.   

Sophie Butler, a sophomore at SHS was a volunteer for Cart Wash at the County Club.  

It’s so important to give back whenever you can. I’m so happy for all the fun opportunities like the Cart Wash to do so, but the important thing is to keep going,” Butler said.  

Spread the Love will hopefully bring even more food into more locations and spread more awareness to the cause. The best part is there are so many helpful easy ways to get involved. From now until February 14, a box will be in the front office and the Partnership School for students and teachers to donate peanut butter. It doesn’t matter what kind or how much, every jar counts.  

Katie Randell a sophomore at Starkville Acadamy was also a volunteer with the Cart Wash. She knows how important giving back and volunteering is in the chaos of the pandemic.  

“Of course, it’s harder this year because of us following Covid rules but there are so many small ways to help. Spread the Love is a really helpful safe solution,” Randell said.  

If you cannot donate any peanut butter, another great way to donate time is at the local casserole kitchen. It is hosted every Tuesday at the First Presbyterian Church. You can volunteer to serve for however long you would like. For any questions about how to help casserole kitchen further contact Rex Buffington (662) 617-1060