Students back to normal to celebrate homecoming week


Benson Le

Kathy Dawkins, marketing teacher, supports the CAB House as Cruella De Vil on Hero vs Villain day.

Tanissa Ringo, Editor


STARKVILLE, Miss., Sept. 20– With traditional learning back in place, students have looked forward to seeing their school days and events somewhat back to normal. One of those events is homecoming week. Homecoming week started on September 13 and ended on September 17.  

Starkville High School Student Council sponsored homecoming week. The council involves the student body with a survey determining spirit days for this year’s homecoming. Student council facilitates the entire week’s activities.  

“I think one thing that we did really well was the delegation of tasks between committees, spreading work between larger amounts of people made it easier on everyone,” said Kenny-Dean Smith, president of Student Council.  

This homecoming’s theme was “Lights, Camera, Action!” Students dressed up for each spirit day. Spirit days included Hero vs Villain, Iced Out, Past vs Future, Theme Day and Black/Gold Day.  

Activities held during the week began on Monday with the parade. The parade featured homecoming maids and beaus, school clubs and organizations.  

Benson Le, organizer of this year’s homecoming parade, had several challenges in preparation. Even with the challenges throughout the planning process, he still felt that the parade was a “huge success.” 

“As it’s my first time planning something this big and being a community event, I think it [the parade] went really well!” Le said. 

Hocolympics occurred Tuesday. Wednesday’s teacher vs. student game was cancelled due to an air conditioning malfunction in the gymnasium. Thursday’s movie night and Friday’s pep rally were cancelled due to weather. The homecoming dance was held Saturday night.  

Throughout the week, classes obtained points in hopes of winning homecoming week. Students won points by dressing up for spirit days, winning the hallway decorations contest between classes, bringing canned goods, and even purchasing tickets for events held during the week.  

The winner of homecoming week was the Senior class, earning 253 points. In second place, juniors earned 110 points. And in third place, the sophomores earned 89 points.