Jacket Basketball Defeats Grenada Chargers


Jersey Hendrix

Trey Petty dribbles the ball against Grenada defense.

Watkins Dumas, Staff Writer

STARKVILLE, Miss., January 25, 2022—Boys’ Varsity Jackets continued their district play with a win against  the Grenada Chargers 69-58. The Yellow Jackets are currently ranked number one in the state with three more games remaining until the district tournament. 

Senior Kylan Bagget and Junior Makai Myles had a combined 35 points against the Chargers.

Kylan Bagget averages 16 points per game and led the Jackets with 21 points against the Chargers. 

“Defense and offense stepped up and played hard tonight and being the leading scorer felt good tonight and I look forward to staying on the top,” Bagget said.

Makai Myles, a ‘Danny Dozen’ of the state, has also been dominating this season and followed up Bagget with 14 points against the Chargers.

“Being a Danny Dozen puts a lot of responsibilities on your back and it means you have to be a player to make the big time plays,” Myles said. 

Myles believes being a Dandy Dozen improved his game.

 “This offseason I focused on dribbling and being able to shoot around the perimeter and also focused on ways to use my height as an advantage,” Myles said.

Senior Senavion Roby takes pride in consistently bringing leadership to the court to lead this year’s team to a chance at a state title.

“Being one of the leaders of this team is a big role and I try to push everyone to their best ability towards the state title and going into playoffs. We know it’s a new season and we know what needs to be done and we work for it everyday in practice with that championship ending in mind,” Roby said. 

With the regular season coming to a close, the Yellow Jackets will face the Oxford Chargers on January 28 at the Yellow Jacket Gymnasium. District tournament begins February 7.