Mississippi Aquarium visits SHS zoology classes


Katie Duran

Zoology student observes shark teeth model.

Katie Duran, Staff Writer

STARKVILLE, Miss. (February 3, 2022)- Sarah Langford’s Zoology classes invited the Mississippi Aquarium to educate students about marine life. 

Lizzie Wingham, manager of Education Outreach at the aquarium since October 2019 spoke to the classes about types of sharks. Wingham also discussed different ways students can help protect marine life by keeping the ocean clean. 

“Not a lot of people know about sharks, so getting to talk about them and all their different species was really fun to teach everyone,” Wingham said. 

Takira Roberson is a junior in Langford’s Zoology II class. She feels Wingham gave her a good understanding of marine life and how all animals are different. 

“I like that she explained everything and went in depth so that everyone was able to get a good understanding of the presentation,” Roberson said. “Not all animals are the same and they also have different structures.” 

Having this presentation on shark week fits in perfectly with the standards the zoology class has to cover.  

Langford wanted a way for students to have hands-on learning while also interacting.  

“I looked up the Aquarium and was looking to see what they had for an outreach program geared towards high school students.”