Class of 2016 Alumnus A.J. Brown addresses student body at Leadership Day assembly


Phelps Dumas

Alumnus A.J. Brown enters the Leadership Day assembly.

Tanissa Ringo, Editor

STARKVILLE, Miss.– Starkville High School held a Leadership Day assembly for seniors and athletes. The assembly included a recognition for all athletic programs and extracurricular organizations and a speech from guest speaker Class of 2016 alumnus, A.J. Brown, currently a wide receiver for the Tennessee Titans. Principal Dr. Howard Savage organized Leadership Day to promote leadership among seniors, athletes and extracurricular groups. 

Savage instructed the senior student body to wear black and gold and all athletes to dress in their uniforms to show Yellow Jacket pride. Assistant Athletic Director, Kristie Williams recognized all athletic and extracurricular groups. She defined what it means to be a leader and how to become a better leader within sports. Cynthia Milons, the SHS Graduation Coach, then introduced Brown as the keynote speaker. 

Brown spoke of his time spent at SHS, recalling how he wasn’t certain of his future. 

“For me, as a kid growing up in high school, I didn’t have everything together. I thought I did,” Brown said.

The alumnus told the student body that he didn’t always make choices for himself and that he didn’t start doing that until his junior year of his college career. Hoping that he can give the future graduates advice for their future career goals, he closed his speech by saying how when choosing a career, it should never be for the wrong reasons. 

“Today, I wanted to speak on that and influence the kids to do it for the right reasons and do it for the love of whatever they wanted to be,” Brown said. 

Brown is scheduled to throw the first pitch at the SHS Opening Day Baseball game Saturday at 2 p.m. at Carlisle Field.