New vending machines on campus

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New vending machines on campus

Camille Bardon, Staff

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Fear no more if craving a snack! As of late January, Starkville High added a total of nine new vending machines on its campus in four locations: two in the breezeway, two by the main office, two by the auditorium and three in the Millsaps Vocational Center.

The vending machines are open to fulfill cravings before 11 a.m. and after 2 p.m. Options available include a variety of chips, cereal, granola bars and fruit snacks.

Mr. Ben Alexander is the sophomore assistant principal at SHS. “The vending machines have been successful, at first there were technical issues but now they’re up and running and are doing very well.”

Goals set by the Mississippi Board of Education for vending machines in schools involve increased nutritional value, cutting down the intake of excessive and empty calories and the promotion of healthy options for the purpose of health education.

The vending machines have been utilized by many teachers and students, and the profits from the vending machines will go toward student funding.

Junior Calvin Richey said, ”I don’t have to wake up early in the morning to make snacks for the whole day; instead I just go to the vending machines.”

According Alexander, in the two years he has been at Starkville High, this is the first time that vending machines have been open to students.

This new privilege gives students who don’t have enough time to pack a snack prior to school another option that adds convenience.

Richey adds a final tip for students, “Don’t put your hard-earned money into the vending machine when it is closed because you will never get it back!”