Miss Yellow Jacket 2018 crowned


Rachel Adair, Staff


The Mr. and Miss Yellow Jacket pageant took place Saturday, March 3. Forty-five girls and one boy took center stage to show off their beauty and grace. The emcee for the night was Miss Mississippi State 2018, Callie Brown.

Contestants were required to introduce themselves and the class they represent. They returned to the stage to show their personal style. While modeling, judges scored contestants in the areas of beauty, poise, dress and stage presence.

Based on these categories, Judges chose the top 12 to answer questions. From the top 12 winners were named.

Miss Yellow Jacket 2017 Harper Laird crowned the new winner.

“Being able to represent Starkville High and the class of 2018 is something I will never forget. This and all of the other activities that I am involved in have changed me as a person,” Laird said after giving her crown away.

Miss Yellow Jacket 2018 is junior Katherine Dumas.

“I was definitely shocked when they announced my name as the winner. Every girl that walked on that stage represented Starkville High School wonderfully, and I still can’t believe it!” Dumas said.

Alternates to Miss Yellow Jacket named: first, Jasmine Baker; second, Jada Odneal, and third, Savannah Munn.

Class beauties were as follows: Freshman, Jada Odneal; Sophomore, Jasmine Baker; Junior, McKensi Johnson; Senior, Savannah Munn.

Emily Cartwright received The Spirit of Miss Yellow Jacket, also called the “Fergie” award, named in memory of Sherree Ferguson, a supporter of the Miss Yellow Jacket pageant.

Contestants submitted a transcript and resume in order for judges to select a winner for the academic award. Catherine Li received this award.

Abbie Ammon won the most photogenic award. Girls who wanted to be considered for this award submitted their favorite photo of themselves, and the judges chose from the photos that were submitted.

Kohen Hunt was named Mr. Yellow Jacket. Hunt was the only boy who competed in the pageant.

“It was a little awkward to be the only guy at first, but it wasn’t really about me. I was just honored to share the stage with 45 beautiful women,” Hunt said.