Why not arm the teachers?

Chandler Gregg, Staff

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Many find the idea of giving a teacher a gun appalling, but I couldn’t disagree more.

With most trying to paint this idea as “Let’s just slap a gun in all the teachers’ hands,” instead of the actual solution, which is to give those with an Enhanced carry licenses the ability to carry their gun on school property.

I cannot believe the hate that this idea is receiving from many who have never held a gun in their lives. With school shootings happening and a solution finally presenting itself, people want to scoff instead of reading the fine print.

In fact, on Wednesday, March 9, Mississippi’s senate passed a bill allowing school districts to give their teachers the ability to carry their guns in the class room, this is a solution.

Like it or not, giving properly-trained and screened individuals the ability to carry their weapon, which they’ve been trained to use and have the permit to prove it, and use it in a dire situation, could be crucial to saving lives.

However, many oppose this change because they’re scared of the challenges and possibilities that come with it, this happens every time any change regarding the classroom is proposed, even if it’s for the right reasons and even if it could be the thing that saves lives.

Taking a look at the Marjory School shooting in which 17 people died, three of which being teachers, and another 17 being injured. What if’s often get us nowhere, but I still find myself asking “What if one of those teachers could have shot back instead of just throwing himself in front of the bullets?”

Instead of acting like children and saying things like: “Well what if the teacher opened fire on the students?” If the teacher were unstable enough for that to happen they wouldn’t wait for the training or the bill to be passed in order to do so.

With school shootings seeming to become a more common thing in our great nation, shouldn’t we try to apply a permanent solution that will at least make shooters think twice about killing UNARMED innocents?

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Why not arm the teachers?