Promposal season at SHS


Camille Bardon, Staff

Prom season is here. SHS Prom, “Sea of Dreams,” will take place April 14.

A lot of preparation goes into prom, such as finding the perfect dress or tuxedo, reserving a restaurant, taking pictures…the list goes on. Finding a date to prom is at the top of the list for most people.

Today, the most popular way to ask a potential date is to ‘prompose,’ which is an elaborately- staged request to be someone’s date. A promposal involves a more creative approach rather than merely asking someone to prom over a text message. Promposals are a relatively new concept. The term ‘promposal’ was coined in a newspaper story by the Dallas Morning News in 2001.

“My date is a former SHS student who now goes to Starkville Academy. The promposal was a joke about him coming back over to Starkville High for prom. I asked him at one of his baseball games. He had absolutely no clue that I was going to ask him,” Senior Morgan Monroe said.

Sometimes the hope of an extravagant promposal is not only that your date will say yes, but also that a video or picture of the promposal will go viral.

Senior Brooks Jenkins is preparing for his last prom. He wanted to ask his date with a simple, but interesting promposal.

“Planning my promposal was interesting. My date’s friends helped me plan it; although, it was simple. My date plays tennis, so I spelled out prom with tennis balls,” Jenkins said.

Madelyn Methvin is ready to attend her first prom.

“I wasn’t very nervous because I had to ask someone when we had Sadie Hawkins for Homecoming this year. In my promposal, I used my date’s nickname that goes along with his walk-out song for baseball.”

Junior Kyra Moorhead is excited to go to her first prom as a student at Starkville High.

“My boyfriend surprised me with the promposal. I was very proud that he came up with it all by himself. It made me feel so happy and special,” Moorhead said.

Senior lineup is at 7:30 pm and Senior presentations will begin at  8:15. Prom starts immediately following.