The importance of FAFSA

Jasmine Baker

January 21, 2020

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is a form completed by current and prospective college students in the United States to determine their eligibility for student financial aid.   FAFSA is a requirement for...

Student Council implements suggestion boxes for students to share how they feel

Johannah Larson

January 21, 2020

The Student Council implemented the suggestion box for fellow students. It offers students a chance to contribute their ideas, questions, comments, opinions or concerns.   “Students are able to voice their opinions and be...

Sleep is important for high school students

Anna Richey

January 18, 2020

Sleep is an important part of the day. It influences your mental state and common health. According to hopkinsmedicine.orgteens need approximately nine hours of sleep, this number can help with growth of the mind and body. Teens...

Students experience school stress

Kristina Baca

January 17, 2020

An overwhelming number of students become overwhelmed or stressed about an upcoming assignment or test. Believe it or not you are not the only one who has these feelings. According to The American Psychological Association, 45%...

SHS physics class showcase Rube Goldberg machines

Neely Wells

December 17, 2019

SHS Physics class presented Rube Goldberg projects Friday in Malfunction Junction and displayed them for fellow students. Mr. Dane Peagler, Physics instructor, assigned the machines at the beginning of October with a deadline...

Fashion club hosts inaugural fashion show

Audrey Sowers

November 22, 2019

Thursday, November 21, the Starkville High Fashion Club held a fashion show at Sage Coffee and Books. Mary Jones, leader of Fashion Club, directed the show. “I held the fashion show because it was something new for Starkvill...